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Ship Management Software

June 27, 2017

The enterprise software suite is a comprehensive ship management software that supports and encapsulates the entire business processes involved in managing a fleet of vessels. The integrated software suite leverages our expertise in designing and implementing performance-driven, enterprise-wide data intensive solutions as well as integrating such solutions with third party stand-alone applications.

Business Need

  • Monitor & manage a fleet of vessels and their performance simultaneously, in real-time environment
  • Carry out maintenance of equipments within a vessel at planned intervals, as per the defined standards
  • Improve quality, health, safety on-board and comply with environmental rules and regulations by effectively tracking defects/incidents within a vessel
  • Find, plan and optimally deploy qualified and experienced crew members on-board
  • Smooth information exchange between ship and shore, and fully integrated operations for increased efficiency and productivity


  • Ship/Shore connectivity
  • Patch updates for installations at Shipside
  • Integration with other APIs like Weather, Document search and more
  • Integration of dependent modules like Purchase and Maintenance System, Maintenance and Defect System, Voyage and Certificate System and more
  • Migration of data from legacy software
  • Effective communication between Ship and Shore

ThinkPalm Solution

The end-to-end ship management software facilitates the following day-to-day ship management activities and overcomes the associated challenges.

  • Voyage Management – Helps owners and operators manage vessel operations. Handles core functions such as Voyage Planning, Vessel Reports (Departure/ Noon/Arrival and other reports), analysis of operational performance & tracking, Bunkering, ROB, Port Planner and Port Information, vessel location-integrated with infinity data for mapping current vessel position and more.Voyage Management - Geolocator
    Voyage Management - Performance Analytics
  • Planned Maintenance – Helps vessel operators carry out maintenance of equipments within a vessel at planned intervals as per the industry defined standards. Tracks information of all performed jobs against equipments and helps handle unplanned tasks arising due to breakdown or condition-based maintenance in a vessel.Planned Maintenance
  • Crew Management – Helps the manning team in the management of crew, in and out of vessels. The major functionalities include Recruitment, Planning, Sign On/Off, Crew Contract and Report Generation of Crew list.
  • Defect Reporting – Helps track the defects/incidents related to quality, health, safety, and environment that occurs in a vessel when it is at port or sea. Capable of sending reports about the machinery defects in vessel, accidents or injuries to crew and inspection from both vessel and shore.
  • Certificate Management – Helps in maintaining certificate details for an entire fleet of vessels or a particular vessel.
  • Procurement Management – Includes purchase and inventory management which helps the user effectively manage inventory and optimize the purchases. Core functionalities include Purchase Request generation, Purchase Order generation, Create Direct PO from office as well as vessel, Generate GRN and Inventory Management.
  •  KPIs – Dashboards are given to shore users to monitor the vessel performance based on Key Performance Indicators like overdue maintenance jobs in a vessel, number of unplanned jobs undertaken in a vessel, number of deferment requests raised in a vessel for maintenance jobs and so on.
  • User Management – Includes the organization hierarchy and user privileges. The administration feature is enabled through a highly customizable work flow, alert framework and report engine.

Technologies Used

.NET, SQL Server


  • Successful implementation across 100+ vessels
  • Effective ship/shore communication
  • Effortless delivery of software updates across vessels
  • Real-time view of ship activities from shore side
  • Effective module integration

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