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Intelligent Home Wi-Fi Solutions

February 12, 2024

In this fast-paced environment, almost everything has gone truly digital. Several companies and organizations have adopted digitalization as most operations, meetings, and transactions are online nowadays. Many factors have encouraged the transformation, primarily to fulfill remote interactions, accelerated by the increased demand for online services and the advent of advanced technologies.

Renesas is an organization that offers advanced chipsets and software solutions to deliver smart, innovative Wi-Fi connectivity in high-performance home networks, smart buildings, enterprise, and industrial solutions.

Business Challenge

The collaboration between ThinkPalm and Renesas has unlocked greater potential attributes for the latter. The main objective of ThinkPalm in its involvement with Renesas was to provide wireless network access to the cloud-based top of ecosystem applications and to support Plume Agent in the Renesas Chipsets. ThinkPalm has also implemented a lot of work into Firmware developments and has also been involved in the innovation of a Kernel space driver.

Business Transformation

Renesas’ main requirement was to implement and develop RDK Wi-Fi HAL APIs and Plume Agent in the Renesas Chipsets and to provide wireless network access to the cloud-based top of ecosystem applications. ThinkPalm has addressed these concerns and has enforced an organized approach to finding the solutions to these problems and has undertaken actions in a systematic manner.

Solutions Offered

Certain top-grade solutions have been implemented accordingly, respective to the problems that have been addressed to ThinkPalm.

The issue regarding support with Plume Agent has been resolved by implementing HAL APIs in the Renesas Chipsets.

To support Wi-Fi Telemetry, ThinkPalm has developed Driver features to close the gap. An advanced solution developed for Wi-Fi features to support BSS transitions has also been implemented. Moreover, ThinkPalm has also offered a top-class solution of implemented Radio Occupancy algorithms to provide Wireless network access to cloud-based top-of-ecosystem applications.

Core Features Designed for Renesas by ThinkPalm

Although the solutions have been offered accordingly, there are a couple of core features that ThinkPalm has provided for Renesas. These features are tested to be effective and persuasive. The features include-

  • ON Channel Scan
  • OFF Channel Scan
  • Full Scan Support
  • Stats Collections
  • Neighbor reports
  • DFS and Zero-Wait DFS
  • Basic and Legacy Steering
  • 11K/11V Steering
  • Associated Stations Stats
  • ACS
  • Channel Occupancy Reporting

These features also result in providing Renesas with a competitive edge in the digital market as well as providing the company with a well-rounded planning procedure, which ultimately leads to the company’s better stride for future endeavors.

About The Client

Renesas Electronics, a Japanese-based company that is one of the leading global providers of microcontrollers, Wi-Fi user experience, network manageability, and operational efficiency. Renesas’ field-proven Wi-Fi chipsets and software have been successfully integrated into numerous OEM devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world by almost 100 leading service providers. With the help of ThinkPalm, Renesas remains competitive in the manufacturing of wireless network technology field while providing innovative Wi-Fi solutions.


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