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At ThinkPalm, good is simply not good enough. Excellence is what we strive for and achieve! We are a new age product engineering and software services company focused on Enterprise, Communication and Mobility technologies, through a combination of in-house products, solutions and third party services for our customers.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified custom software development company, ThinkPalm Technologies operates from three global delivery centres in India – Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai. We enable our customers across the globe in different domains with unique software products and solutions to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively.

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You may be a small or a big business, operating from a few or several geographical locations, catering to select or several verticals. Our range of software products and solutions would make us the right partner you have been looking for!

Our offerings range from the very latest Android and iPhone mobile applications to product engineering and enterprise application services. We have our finger on the pulse in every area that interests us – Android and iPhone app development, Java software development, Linux software development, ERP software development, network management solutions, device management frameworks, protocol stacks development, firmware development, software testing and validation services and more! We are quick to adapt and innovate according to the emerging trends in the market.

Featured products

Q-Aud - Mobile Audit, Process Check and Inspection Tool


Mobile Audit, Process Check and Inspection Tool

Astra - Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System


Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System

NetShack - Network Management System


Network Management System

Avishkar - Network Device Management Framework


Network Device Management Framework (CLI, SNMP, WEBUI and NETCONF)

Case Studies

Ship Management Software

The enterprise software suite is a comprehensive ship management software that supports and encapsulates the entire business processes involved in managing a fleet of vessels for effective ship/shore communication.

Business Need

A comprehensive ship management software to monitor & manage a fleet of vessels in real-time environment, carry out maintenance of equipments, facilitate communication between ship and shore.


Our ship management software facilitates Voyage Management, Maintenance Management, Crew Management, Defect Reporting, User Management, Certificate Management and more.


Effective ship/shore communication, effortless delivery of software updates across vessels, real-time view of ship activities from shore side, effective module integration and more.

ThinkPalm’s BreakThrough DevOps Capabilities

ThinkPalm’s bespoke DevOps solutions across Communication, Enterprise Software Services and Enterprise Software Products verticals have resulted in higher frequency in production deployments, improved efficiency of all build, deployment, test cycles and stable, sanity tested builds!

Business Need

The absence of an automated system for faster validation of code, lengthy test cycles, setting up of multiple test beds and their expensive configuration and wide gaps between production releases necessitated the implementation of DevOps across verticals.


ThinkPalm's bespoke DevOps solutions across Communication, Enterprise Software Services and Enterprise Software Products verticals testifies our foothold in the DevOps domain.


Higher frequency in production deployments, improved efficiency of all build, deployment, test cycles and stable, sanity tested builds are key benefits derived out of our solutions.

ThinkPalm’s Footprints in the IoT Arena

ThinkPalm is at the forefront of the IoT revolution with four out-of-the-box solutions – IIoT Decision Support System Using Predix, Connected Device – Self Injection App, Robot Motion Controlling App and UPnP IoT, leveraging the fundamental components of IoT – mobile, devices and cloud services.

Business Need

The rapidly increasing popularity of IoT across the globe has changed consumer demand and modes of operation of businesses remarkably. With the trend continuing to gain momentum, businesses – big and small, are utilizing the technology to reach the next-generation of customers.


ThinkPalm is at the forefront of the IoT revolution with four out-of-the-box solutions – IIoT Decision Support System Using Predix, Connected Device - Self Injection App, Robot Motion Controlling App and UPnP IoT, leveraging the fundamental components of IoT – mobile, devices and cloud services.


IIoT Predix solution reduces operational costs and improves operational efficiency of vessels. Self-injection app automates the self-injection process. Robot Motion Controlling App helps control multiple robots in real time. UPnP+ realizes remote cloud access, tighter security and more.

Mobile Commercial Services Application

ThinkPalm developed a web-based mobile e-service application to access the services offered by a government regulatory arm of one of the fastest growing economies in the GCC through mobile devices, enabling easy access and time saving.

Business Need

The process was initially operational in FnP system. The venture was embarked on to facilitate the availability of smart services offered by the accounts and infrastructure design related departments of a government regulatory arm in the GCC on mobile.


Prepaid Account Balance and Payment Advice Status Enquiries helps check account balance and view the status of transactions for up to 92 days. Settle Payment Advice using Prepaid Account allows customers to view and settle open payment advices.


The ThinkPalm solution facilitates easy access of users to smart services anywhere, anytime through effective user interfaces in Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Prepaid Account Balance and Payment Advice Status Enquiries allow users to check account balance and view the status of transactions for up to 92 days.

Comprehensive Travel Application for Tokyo

ThinkPalm developed a comprehensive travel application to help tourists meander along the roads of Tokyo without a hitch! The tourist application, available in five languages, helps visitors spot important locales and guides them with maps along paths with the least traffic congestion.

Business Need

The solution was aimed at addressing a critical pain point of significant internet data being utilized while browsing key tourist attractions. The customer demanded an Android/iOS application capable of saving details within the application to minimize the usage of data communication. The travel app was expected to support five languages namely, Japanese, English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and Korean. Modularity, scalability and smartphone/tablet compatibility were the prerequisites in the design front.


All screens of the app were implemented using HTML5.0, jQuery and CSS. On the initial launch of the app, the system creates a database with the required tables and information regarding the top tourist destinations in the location will be inserted into the database. The system will then fetch common information labels from the database tables and store it in a local storage for future use.


The application differentiates itself from others by storing data locally and thus comes handy to tourists who like to keep data usage minimal while on the move. It’s ability to support five different languages makes it comprehensible by a significant number of travelers across the globe. Specific information on traffic bottlenecks and accuracy of the locations displayed make the app a favourite among travelers!

IPv6 Support on PSOS

ThinkPalm took up the challenge of developing the IPv6 stack on a PSOS operating system that solely supported IPv4, leveraging NAT64, NDP and ALG technologies.

Business Need

In today’s networking world where IPv6 support is proving to be mandatory for the management of network equipments, IPv6 support in the devices purchased is a prerequisite for a significant customer segment. Our end customer’s network termination unit supported IPv4 alone, limiting its management by no more than IPv4 networks. ThinkPalm aimed at upgrading the currently deployed network from IPv4 to IPv6, without tampering with the existing infrastructure.


The IPv4 stack interface was modified to accommodate NAT64, a mechanism allowing a node in an IPv6 network to communicate with a node in an IPv4 network and vice versa. A NAT64 translator was employed to translate IPv4 addresses into the equivalent IPv6 addresses and reverse. NAT64 implementation was accompanied by Neighbor discovery protocol (NDP), ALG and Path MTU Discovery incorporation.


ThinkPalm made it possible for the telecom major to operate their devices with both IPv6 and IPv4 networks. The achievement is in tandem with absolutely nil alterations in the existing application software and application level protocols for supporting IPv6. The devices continue operating as IPv4 devices, switch smoothly between IPv4 and IPv6 modes, saving time in software development and testing.

PowerPoint Viewer

Power Point Viewer application realizes the visualization of PowerPoint presentations on Android devices and supports wide-ranging PowerPoint elements. With the Key event control feature, slides can be shared with Android devices within an internal network and controlled from a remote location.

Business Need

PowerPoint Viewers help in viewing PowerPoint files in systems that do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. Support for extensive PowerPoint features such as text, images, animations, slide transitions, charts, tables, video and audio coupled with the capability of remote sharing, make it a desirable solution in the market. ThinkPalm stays one step ahead by offering a PowerPoint player, rather than a simple slide viewer.


The solution, with three modules, displays a PPT by parsing the contents of XML files obtained by unzipping .PPTX file. The first module extracts the input PPTX file to XML format and places the XML files in a folder structure. The second module parses the XML files and collects information from them. Collection of information from the data structure and display as a PPT is by the third module.


ThinkPalm PowerPoint Viewer enables users to view audios, videos, slide animations, transitions and more in PowerPoint presentations from a list of PPTX files saved on Android Devices. Key event control feature enabling PPTX files to be sent to a device and slides to be viewed and controlled remotely, is a key value-add to the solution.


InterPlay is an intelligent platform that enables operators to enhance customer experience using a network of customizable displays controlled digitally using a computer/ mobile, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible.

Business Need

With the average human attention span falling to eight seconds as per studies conducted by a tech giant, it is important to cut through the marketing clutter and deliver interactive, visually-appealing content to enhance a business’s visibility. Digital signage helps realize these prerequisites in real time, eliminating recurring printing fees, waiting time and more!


InterPlay is an intelligent platform that enables operators to enhance customer experience using a network of customizable displays controlled digitally using a computer/ mobile, allowing content to be changed remotely for targeted messaging. With cross-platform compatibility, customizability, support for 3 HD flash contents in a single playlist and more, it is a comprehensive cloud-based content delivery system of today!


InterPlay makes content management easy by delivering high quality, interactive information to target audience at reduced costs. Improved brand visibility, seamless administration of effective promotion, analysis of customer behavior and buying patterns, better customer service leading to increased customer retention across retail, hospitality, entertainment, finance, medical, aviation industries are few highlights of the exceptional content management solution.

Call Center Management System

ThinkPalm devised a Call Center Management System for a real estate developer for enhanced employee efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. The solution streamlines all facets of call center management such as outbound call handling, call data manipulation, work flow and more.

Business Need

The end customer's legacy call center management system encountered numerous shortcomings, which were degrading the overall operational efficiency and productivity. The ineptness to avoid data redundancy led the call center executives to contact the same customers multiple times, resulting in customer agitation. The system also suffered from significant latency during the extraction of name lists, performed solely during non-business hours.


The solution helps in the management of customer related calls along with the associated information and settings. Name list feature automates various processes such as placing orders for name lists to vendors, importing purchased name lists, extracting customers from name lists and defining them, collating and grouping customers, assigning customers to call center executives and more.


The solution worked remarkably for the company by establishing a well-defined work flow for the call center executives and easing supervision by managers. The marketers could make or attend calls at their convenience, place customers in queue, reassign when busy, and categorize them into prospect boxes based on feedback, resulting in improved conversions and customer satisfaction.


An Android/iOS mobile application with web integration, Feedback was developed to administer customer feedback surveys for businesses. The simple UI, scope for customization and graphical reporting make Feedback an ideal app to gain maximum actionable insights.

Business Need

Mafraq was following the traditional paper-based method of administering customer feedback surveys. This led to increased time and monetary investments and was laborious, considering the need to feed data manually from numerous pages into a database. The hotel lacked a digitized system and aspired to realize the whole process through a custom mobile application.


An Android/iOS mobile application with web integration was developed to present the feedback form in a simple, easy to comprehend user interface. The app's visual appeal was enhanced through emoticons for each sentiment. Both online and offline modes are supported for feedback execution. The graphical reports enable the client to perform weekly/monthly comparison of data for each department.


Feedback overcomes the cost and time limitations associated with customer feedback surveys. Respondents can take the survey as per their inconvenience, anytime, anywhere! The app minimizes the manual labour involved in conducting customer surveys by automating the whole process. The app offers the flexibility to include drop-down boxes, star-rating controls, interactive slider controls and images depending on client requirements.


Working with ThinkPalm, Edgewater exceeded its expectations in establishing offshore development and test teams. ThinkPalm and its management primarily place high value in the success of our business. To that end, they continuously strive to ensure quality, cost, innovation and schedule needs for our success are met.

To align skill set and experience for specialized projects, they expertly recruited, staffed up, and when necessary, replaced team members. For compliance of our agile development processes and service levels, ThinkPalm adapted and delivered highly productive round-the-clock development and test teams. Within 2 years of engagement, ThinkPalm became my highly trusted partner in augmenting and scaling local development and test teams.

– Rumus Sakya, VP Engineering, Edgewater Networks Inc.

We are working with ThinkPalm as an offshore subcontractor since its establishment in 2010. They have performed many development projects for us during these years, both Turnkey and Time & Material based. Their working methods and attitude can be characterized by the following:

  • – Professionalism and competency
  • – Dedication and commitment to meet the desired schedule with high quality deliverables
  • – Flexibility to cope with evolving issues emerging during the course of the project
  • – Fairness

We view ThinkPalm as a trusted partner for augmenting our development and testing capacities as needed.

– Ophir Fux, VP R&D, RAD

“ThinkPalm is a great team to work with. They go over and beyond to work with me to deliver a quality product. I highly recommend them for mobile application development work.”

– Ivy Lui, CEO, IKLui, LLC

“During the several years of cooperation , RAD Data Communications and ThinkPalm created a common language of understanding. ThinkPalm learned how to fulfill our needs , both in the technical and the human levels. The nice thing about the relationship was that the path from the presented need to the required solution was always short and pleasant and the deliveries were always at the highest levels.

In summary , a serious and talented group of people that knows what accountability and professionalism words means”

– Hugo Silberman, COO XtremIO (Ex VP- R&D, RAD Datacommunications)