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Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Astra, the web-based vehicle fleet management software, helps in live tracking your fleet and sends instant alerts on the status of the vehicle to assigned personnel. The GPS/GPRS technology employed traces the location of any vehicle accurately, helping you keep tabs on its whereabouts. Administrators can gain in-depth data into the performance of their fleet, access points of contact, view historical data and generate detailed trip management, overspeed and RFID swipe reports through the fleet manager app’s intuitive dashboard.

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The vehicle monitoring software, employable even in school transport, is powered by a mobile app in Android and iOS platforms that sends instant SMS alerts on the arrival of vehicles at designated stops, overspeeding, maintenance requirements, route deviation, insurance/permit expiry and more. Geo-fencing feature with vehicle tracking capability ascertains that your truck, bus, car or any vehicle runs within boundaries and notifies instantly if traversed. The fleet management software also sheds light on driver behavior and performance based on mileage, speeding, braking and more through Driver Scorecards. Astra adds value by better managing vehicles, assets and staff, resulting in an overall effective management and operating system.

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GPS/GPRS Technology
Locate and learn where your vehicle is with real-time data. The GPS/GPRS technology helps indicate vehicle position on the geographic coordinate
Android and iOS mobile app integration
Stay connected to your fleet information - no matter where you are. Our native mobile app lets you handle all vehicle maintenance tasks quickly and easily.
24/7 live tracking of fleet
Our vehicle fleet management software helps you use live data to locate your vehicles, streamline routes, communicate with your team and more.
SMS alerts
Receive SMS alerts to your mobile devices, which include notifications fleet status that will be automatically sent over to the assigned entities
Driver Scorecard
Conduct driver performance evaluation based on specific driving metrics, that are measured via a GPS vehicle tracking or telematics system.
Geo-fencing (virtual boundaries)
Create virtual boundaries around specific geographic locations and track events around these geofences, such as trigger text messages, alerts or notifications.
Monitor and Manage Your Fleet
  • Overspeed alert
  • Route deviation alert
  • Maintenance alert
  • Insurance/Permit renewal alerts
  • Unauthorized stoppage alert
  • RFID based validation to track attendance
  • Trip management report
  • Overspeed violation report
  • RFID swipe report


Don’t let paper-based vehicle management slow your business performance down. With Astra, you can seamlessly solve your most complex vehicle management challenges and empower your team to work efficiently. Manage your entire fleet anywhere, anytime with the all-inclusive Astra web and smartphone software designed for busy, distributed fleets.

  • Improved efficiency in fleet management
  • Monitoring of driver behavior and pattern
  • Better time management for travelers and authorities
  • Enhanced control on logistics
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