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NetvirE IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation

February 23, 2024

In the heart of wildlife conservation, where the delicate balance of ecosystems meets the challenge of human intervention, Perdix Wildlife Supplies found themselves at a pivotal crossroads. Acknowledging the imperative for a technological upgrade, they forged a strategic partnership with ThinkPalm to embark on a transformative journey. The Partnership aimed to tackle challenges in habitat management and restoration, with a dedicated focus on safeguarding endangered species and reserves through initiatives encompassing research, anti-poaching measures, international collaboration, education and outreach. The partnership further aimed at ex-situ efforts that include captive breeding, managing seed banks, enabling smart zoo practices, and efficient management of sanctuaries and rescue centers. 

The Business Challenge 

Perdix is a renowned UK-based company that supplies high-quality field equipment and related products to wildlife professionals worldwide. Its primary focus is empowering land managers to get the maximum out of their wildlife projects. However, Perdix faces the formidable challenge of remotely monitoring a wide range of field-based activities crucial to wildlife conservation. The company identified a crucial need for a cloud-based solution that is not only flexible, secure, and cost-effective but also user-friendly. Recognizing this as a paramount challenge in their mission to enhance the efficiency of wildlife project management, they strategically collaborated with ThinkPalm to address this need. 

Business Transformation 

The primary goal was to equip Perdix with an ultramodern cloud-based solution capable of seamlessly monitoring and managing diverse field activities, protection of keystone species and reserves, and efficient management of ex-situ efforts, including captive breeding programs, seed banks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, rescue centers, and smart zoo management. 

Therefore, in response to Perdix’s challenge, ThinkPalm collaborated with them and created a groundbreaking solution named “PerdixPro.” This customized cloud-based solution is designed to meet specific requirements, providing the client with a flexible, secure, affordable, and user-friendly cloud-based system for remotely monitoring a wide range of field-based activities. Leveraging the power of ThinkPalm’s next-gen IIoT platform, “NetvirE,” PerdixPro goes beyond standard applications, offering the flexibility to develop bespoke monitoring solutions tailored to meet individual project requirements. 

Solutions Offered 

ThinkPalm developed a customized cloud-based IIoT solution for wildlife conservation named “PerdixPro,” offering a comprehensive solution that includes the following capabilities: 

NetvirE IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation - Dashboard

Live Monitoring: 

  • AI-based identification of animals in forests ensures real-time alerts for habitat protection 
  • Centralized monitoring of wildlife sites 
  • Trail Cameras based monitoring and alerts for Protected Areas and Reserves 
  • Sensor-based Research and Data Collection 
  • Habitat & Corridor activities Monitoring for research 
  • Tracking and controlled trapping for research: 
  • Anti-poaching trackers for animals 
  • Identification of animals based in forests 
  • Centralized data collection for International Collaboration 
  • Law enforcement by live tracking of research trapping activities 
  • Nightlife monitoring in forests 

Ex-situ Management Solutions: 

  • Management of breeding programs by live monitoring 
  • Seed bank inventory management 
  • Smart botanical gardens 
  • Smart Zoo solution 
  • Rescue Centers activities management 
  • Bird monitoring 

NetvirE IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation - Mobile View

Core Features Designed for Perdix by ThinkPalm 

To fortify Perdix’s wildlife conservation efforts, ThinkPalm integrated a few core features in “PerdixPro” such as: 

  • Centralized monitoring for comprehensive oversight 
  • Advanced tracking and trapping capabilities 
  • Efficient data collection and analysis for research and collaboration 
  • Real-time alerts for habitat protection 
  • Smart identification of wolves or wild boars in farms and human habitats 
  • Seamless integration of ex-situ management programs 

About the Client 

Perdix Wildlife Supplies, a UK-based company, provides land managers and wildlife professionals with premium equipment for their wildlife projects. Committed to quality and functionality, Perdix has curated a market-leading selection of innovative products under its brand, meeting the evolving needs of today’s wildlife professionals. The company’s proactive approach involves constant investigation of wildlife professionals’ requirements, ensuring they are well equipped to face any challenges. Proudly offering equipment sold directly, Perdix emphasizes not only quality, functionality, and humaneness but also ethical sourcing and a minimal environmental footprint. Every product, from development to intended use, upholds the highest animal welfare standards, showcasing Perdix’s commitment to ethical and sustainable wildlife solutions.

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