Ship Management Software

Ship Management Software

The enterprise software suite is a comprehensive ship management software that supports and encapsulates the entire business processes involved in managing a fleet of vessels for effective ship/shore communication. Read more

ThinkPalm’s BreakThrough DevOps Capabilities

ThinkPalm's bespoke DevOps solutions across Communication, Enterprise Software Services and Enterprise Software Products verticals have resulted in higher frequency in production deployments, improved efficiency of all build, deployment, test cycles and stable, sanity tested builds! Read more
ThinkPalm's IoT Capabilities

ThinkPalm’s Footprints in the IoT Arena

ThinkPalm is in the forefront of the IoT revolution with three out-of-the-box solutions – Robot Motion Controlling App, MyAcuMobile Acupuncture Treatment App and UPnP IoT, leveraging the fundamental components of IoT – mobile, devices and cloud services. Read more
Mobile Commercial Services Application

Mobile Commercial Services Application

ThinkPalm developed a web-based mobile e-service application to access the services offered by a government regulatory arm of one of the fastest growing economies in the GCC through mobile devices, enabling easy access and time saving. Read more

Comprehensive Travel Application for Tokyo

ThinkPalm developed a comprehensive travel application to help tourists meander along the roads of Tokyo without a hitch! The tourist application, available in five languages, helps visitors spot important locales and guides them with maps along paths with the least traffic congestion. Read more
IPv6 Support on PSOS

IPv6 Support on PSOS

ThinkPalm took up the challenge of developing the IPv6 stack on a PSOS operating system that solely supported IPv4, leveraging NAT64, NDP and ALG technologies. Read more
PowerPoint Viewer with Wireless Sharing

PowerPoint Viewer

Power Point Viewer application realizes the visualization of PowerPoint presentations on Android devices and supports wide-ranging PowerPoint elements. With the Key event control feature, slides can be shared with Android devices within an internal network and controlled from a remote location. Read more
InterPlay Digital Signage Solution


InterPlay is an intelligent platform that enables operators to enhance customer experience using a network of customizable displays controlled digitally using a computer/ mobile, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Read more

Call Center Management System

ThinkPalm devised a Call Center Management System for a real estate developer for enhanced employee efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. The solution streamlines all facets of call center management such as outbound call handling, call data manipulation, work flow and more. Read more


An Android/iOS mobile application with web integration, Feedback was developed to administer customer feedback surveys for businesses. The simple UI, scope for customization and graphical reporting make Feedback an ideal app to gain maximum actionable insights. Read more
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