Network Device Management Framework (CLI, SNMP, WebUI)

“Defines problems, provides scalable solutions!”

Avishkar is an on-device management software framework for managing networking devices. It is a complete solution for a networking device with components CLI, SNMP and WebUI. The network device configuration management solution is a simple interface for defining MIB parameters & CLI syntax. Customers can choose among different modules of Avishkar depending on their requirements and use it either to extend an existing management system or to implement a new one. Deployment of Avishkar helps in faster integration of Layer 2/ Layer 3 protocol interfaces and aids the choice between the internal and the external database.

The system consists of the Avishkar framework and Avishkar designer software. The designer software acts as a front-end to the user to create and manage CLI commands graphically and generate CLI and SNMP source codes corresponding to the protocols.

Avishkar Network Device Management Framework - High Level Diagram

Key Features

  • Automatic generation of CLI, SNMP, WebUI codes
  • Fast binary tree based database storage helps in quick access to data
  • User exits for implementing data handling logic
  • Data protection, abstraction and integrity
  • File generation and folder structure generation
  • Process control monitored by Process Control Daemon
  • Convert function
  • Fixed index and masking


  • Reduces time and resources needed to develop network management applications
  • Inexpensive, flexible and easily extendable framework
  • Developer friendly
  • Avoids risks in development
  • Supports SNMP V1, V2, V3 and Traps
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