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Mobile Commercial Services Application

December 2, 2016

The government of one of the fastest growing economies in the GCC envisioned to ingrain mobile apps into the daily lives of its citizens by making government services readily accessible for the public, round-the-clock, throughout the year! To take this goal to fruition, ThinkPalm developed a web-based mobile e-service application to access the services offered by a regulatory arm of the government through mobile devices, enabling easy access and time saving.

Business Need

The process was initially operational in FnP system. The venture was embarked on to facilitate the availability of smart services offered by the accounts and infrastructure design related departments of the regulatory arm, on mobile. Commercial services such as Prepaid Account Balance Enquiry, Payment Advice Status Enquiry, Settle Payment Advice using Prepaid Account together with services Meeting Request and Service Status Enquiry for the infrastructure design department were to be made accessible through iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones and devices.


Our team faced multiple challenges during various stages of implementation. Integration with the APIs of FnP system, setting up a test environment using VPN connectivity with a single license, data integration and effectively sorting change requests and bugs were tedious tasks. These challenges were tackled effectively, within the deadline, with the expertise and commitment displayed by our team!

ThinkPalm Solution

Commercial services allow registered clients to access the services offered by the accounts related department through mobile channel. Prepaid Account Balance Enquiry enables online users to search for prepaid account balance details for a specified period of time. With Payment Advice Status Enquiry, users can search for payment advices and their statuses. Settle Payment Advice using Prepaid Account allows customers to view the list of their open payment advices and settle them using their available prepaid account balance.

PrePaid Account Balance Enquiry

Smart services developed for the infrastructure design related department include Request a Meeting and Service Status Enquiry. Online users can request for a meeting with the concerned staff at any point of time, view all appointments in a calendar view and cancel them, as the case may be. Additionally, users can track the status of a chosen service provided by a particular division of the regulatory arm.

The mobile commercial services application, developed using Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and Spring MVC frameworks, helps users access it using mobile devices in iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Request Meeting


The ThinkPalm solution facilitates easy access of users to smart services anywhere, anytime through effective user interfaces in Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Prepaid Account Balance Enquiry and Payment Advice Status Enquiry allow users to check account balance and view the status of transactions for up to 92 days. Registered users can fix meetings with reviewers/inspectors/section managers at any point of time. Export to PDF and Excel feature supports exporting search results for a specified duration.

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