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September 20, 2016

Digital Signage And Content Management Solution

In the modern era of visual content marketing where engaging content is king, the explosion of the digital signage market seems ineludible. Market Research firm MarketsandMarkets reports the market will hit $23.76 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 8.18% between 2015 and 2020. The trend will continue to rise as print media gives way to digital signage in myriad sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, Education, Retail and more. ThinkPalm is at par with this technological trend with a unique and powerful communication framework – InterPlay.  Millions of tech savvy companies are seeking visual space for their communications across the globe and our digital signage and content management solution provides them unmatched opportunities to grab target audience’s attention, keep customers informed, build brands and improve customer experience at all times.

Business Need

With the average human attention span falling to eight seconds as per studies conducted by a tech giant, it is important to cut through the marketing clutter and deliver interactive, visually-appealing content to enhance a business’s visibility. Moreover, the messaging should be targeted and delivered to the most beneficial customers in real time to generate heightened interest. Digital signage helps realize these prerequisites in real time, eliminating recurring printing fees, waiting time and more!


Since the solution caters to multiple verticals, factoring in the varied requirements for each vertical turned out to be quite challenging. The solution is best productive with the help of a designer, as the eye-catching content needs to be created and updated in real time.

Interplay Digital Signage Solution

InterPlay is an intelligent platform that enables operators to enhance customer experience using a network of customizable displays controlled digitally using a computer/ mobile, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. The solution consists of a cloud based content delivery server and the InterPlay web editor. The web editor facilitates centralized control of multiple displays from a single point. The user friendly interface enables users to upload and edit multiple content types such as HD videos, images, web pages, texts, QR codes, Android Apps and more in real time. The solution supports the creation of playlists, sequences, daily schedules and projects. Looping of playlists can be carried out at multiple levels and be scheduled for 24 hours’ time duration. The cloud based content delivery server serves as a repository of contents that can be accessed remotely by the web editor. Contents from the web editor can be exported and pushed in offline/online modes directly to various terminals across the globe. The centrally managed network of screens at the desired locations are connected over internet through Wi-Fi/LAN, the contents of which are managed remotely using the central server, eliminating personnel overheads.

With cross-platform compatibility (Android/Windows/iOS platforms), customizability and support for 3 HD flash contents in a single playlist, layout templates with 21 splits/windows and a wide variety of resolutions, including HD, InterPlay is a comprehensive cloud-based content delivery system of present times.


InterPlay makes content management easy by delivering high quality, interactive information to target audience at reduced costs. Improved brand visibility, seamless administration of effective promotion, analysis of customer behavior and buying patterns, better customer service leading to increased customer retention across retail, hospitality, entertainment, finance, medical, aviation industries are few highlights of the exceptional content management solution. ThinkPalm takes pride in the 4000 successful installations of the solution across Japan by a leading telecom operator along with numerous others in various retail stores, malls and offices worldwide.

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