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May 23, 2016

Customer Survey And Analytics Application

An Android/iOS mobile application with web integration, Feedback was developed to administer customer feedback surveys for businesses. The simple UI, scope for customization and graphical reporting make Feedback an ideal app to gain maximum actionable insights.

Client Overview

The client, Mafraq Hotel, Abu Dhabi is a four-star property situated in Khalifa City with over 250 modern deluxe rooms and suites, extensive leisure facilities, conference rooms and unique cuisine themes, making the hotel an ideal destination for family getaways and corporate get-togethers.

Business Need

Mafraq was following the traditional paper-based method of administering customer feedback surveys. This led to increased time and monetary investments and was laborious, considering the need to feed data manually from numerous pages into a database. The hotel lacked a digitized system and aspired to realize the whole process through a custom mobile application. The app was to contain specific questions for each department such as Food and Beverages, Housekeeping and more to cater to a larger sample cost-effectively at their convenience. The customization demanded was multilingualism, in English and Arabic, to overcome language barriers of respondents and obtain meaningful data. The app was required to be visually appealing, flexible and capable of effectively collecting, collating and analyzing feedback results on the Food & Beverages, Front office, Housekeeping and Health club departments of the hotel.


Mafraq lacked specific customer inputs pertaining to a department as the surveys administered were general in nature. The hotel hence faced difficulties in bringing about constructive improvements that adversely affected their business. Developing a framework with multilingual support within the stipulated time posed a challenge to the ThinkPalm team but was tackled beautifully through apt fixes and controls. Mafraq required the UI to be kept simple for ease of understanding by the users and at the same time demanded interactivity through attractive images, vibrant text, pie-charts and more. The team direct its efforts towards striking a balance between simplicity and attractiveness to create a solution that could be customized and reused in future.

Feedback – Customer Survey And Analytics Application

An Android/iOS mobile application with web integration was developed to present the feedback form in a simple, easy to comprehend user interface. The app’s visual appeal was enhanced through emoticons for each sentiment. Both online and offline modes are supported for feedback execution. Feedback supports a powerful web based administer application that enables the admin to have complete control over the app including creating and re-defining feedback questions with multiple choice answers. The web application provides both textual reports, with data points in figures, and graphical reports in the form of pie-charts. These reports enable the client to perform weekly/monthly comparison of data for each department.


Feedback mobile application overcomes the cost and time limitations associated with customer feedback surveys. Respondents can take the survey as per their inconvenience, anytime, anywhere! The app minimizes the manual labour involved in conducting customer surveys by automating the whole process. The app offers the flexibility to include drop-down boxes, star-rating controls, interactive slider controls, images and more, depending on the client requirements. This customizability makes the administration of complex surveys easy and minimizes the errors associated with multiple answers for a question. Feedback can also be interfaced with the legacy systems existing with the customer.
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