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Comprehensive B2B E-commerce Platform

December 28, 2018

An e-commerce platform with a website for suppliers to showcase their products and mobile apps for customers to view and purchase them.

Client Overview

Our client has a diversified portfolio for entrepreneurs and startups, including mobile apps, commercial websites, advanced internet solutions, product engineering and more.

Business Need

To develop an e-commerce portal that enables faster selling and ordering of items by suppliers and clients. The platform was required to include an Android/iOS mobile application and a desktop application. The desktop app was aimed at admins for creating suppliers, and for the addition of items by the suppliers. The mobile applications were to enable clients to purchase supplier items.


The primary language which the site needed to support was Hebrew, which made understanding the language and perfecting the design a challenge.

ThinkPalm Solution

The e-commerce website developed by us facilitates supplier actions, including the management of products, rates, clients, orders, discounts, offers, reports and more. Clients can use the Android/iOS mobile apps to build business with suppliers. In order to make a purchase, client has to send a request to the supplier. Upon approval, client can purchase the products by adding them to his shopping cart and by making an online payment.

ECommerce Platform ScreensThe mobile application development has been performed in service oriented architecture using .NET technology. The websites and the mobile apps communicate using REST APIs.

Technologies Used

.NET MVC, REST API, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, C#, Dapper, PostgreSQL


  • Reduced administrative costs associated with order management
  • Provision to display customizable products
  • Enhanced customer reach

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