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Automatic Data Sync Application with Resummable Upload

January 30, 2018

Client Overview

Our client makes award-winning storage solutions that provide an unprecedented combination of data protection, expandability, and ease of use. They deliver the best storage experience ever for hundreds of thousands of consumers, professionals and businesses.

Business Need

An Android app that automatically uploads and organizes photos/videos seamlessly within the user’s Wi-Fi network.


  • Implementation of resummable upload which allows the app to resume an upload operation after a communication failure interrupts the flow of data.
  • Created an independent, pluggable Android library for resummable upload, which can be reused for future projects.

Key Features

  • Automatic upload of photos and videos.
  • Two layers of security including geolocation and Wi-Fi verifications. The upload commences only when the phone is within the radius of the storage device and connected via the user’s Wi-Fi.
  • Resummable upload, which is particularly beneficial when the likelihood of a network interruption or other transmission failures is high. It helps reduce bandwidth usage while transferring large files, as the upload resumes from the point of interruption in the event of a network outage.
    Automatic Data Sync Application with Resummable Upload


  • Simple installation
  • Seamless storage and management of high-resolution photos and 4K videos
  • Cloud-like experience at reduced cost
  • Improved data security
  • Battery power and cellular data savings through Wi-Fi enabled data transfer

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