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Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

Today, we face a future of accelerated technological progress with the tools available to us, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. With the tremendous innovations in industries, the tools used to reduce human dependencies are also being innovated beyond anything we ever presumed.  Today, fleets of vehicles are being monitore Read more
Effective Test Automation Framework

7 Essential steps To Design An Effective Test Automation Framework

What is a Framework? A framework is composed of a sequence of tools and applications that are intended to improve the test efficiency for QA professionals. The testing frameworks are a vital part of every successful automated testing process. They decrease maintenance expenses and testing trials and will implement a higher ROI for analysis teams l Read more


An Introduction to DevOps DevOps is a collection of practices that automates the processes connecting software development and IT teams so that they can test, build, and release software quicker and more assuredly. The notion of DevOps is established on developing a culture of collaboration among teams that traditionally functioned in relative sil Read more

SDN – Changing the face of Campus Networks

Software Defined Networking is a seismic technology for network design approach beyond just a technology protocol. SDN can centralize the control of the whole networks used in significant IT industries such as Datacenters, Cloud Computing, Mobile Networks, Campus/Enterprise networks. The impact of cloud computing, together with the revolutionary Read more
5G influence over IoT

5G – the catalyst for innovation in IoT

  Racing towards 5G 5G is largely observed as the fifth generation cellular network technology that provides broadband access. It is a new and major breakthrough innovation in a broadband connection. With any sort of 5G association, you'll see quicker system speeds and a much more personalized web experience through a technique called Ne Read more
Internet of Things Challenges

Common IoT Challenges and How to Mitigate Them

The Internet of Things bandwagon is expected to gain momentum in the coming years, substantiated by popular stats including Mckinsey's that predicts 12.86 billion IoT sensors and devices to be in use in the consumer segment by 2020, and IDC's that forecasts the combined markets of IoT to elevate to $520B by 2021. Though IoT is certainly a key driv Read more
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) For Artificial Intelligence

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence or in other sense, we can say it comes under a machine learning subset. Ever since man created computers he always wanted the system to understand him. He advanced and he created Robots, and now we have Smartphones that use a software called Text to Speech to convert the Read more
Conversational AI

Exploring the future of AI with Kirk Borne

Artificial Intelligence was embraced by businesses and industries alike in 2018 to enhance customer experience, improve business models and generate new innovations. PwC predicts the adoption to soar in 2019 with over 20%, out of the 1000 US organizations surveyed, planning to implement AI enterprise-wide this year. As AI empowers machines to grow Read more
SDN in Retail

Emergence of SDN in the Retail Industry

In the world of retail, the adoption of technology has never been more extensive. The inevitable need to deliver a customized and seamless experience to customers has led to the influx of varied technology services. In-store Wi-Fi, mobile checkout, video surveillance, electronic shelf tags – the list is ever-growing! Technology in retail is expec Read more
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