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Angular 7 Features

Get A Detailed Overview Of The New Features In Angular 7

Angular, the most used front-end framework for the development of desktop applications and mobile applications. It has gained its popularity due to rich features like modular development and component isolation. Systematic and timely updates of angular along with awesome support from the angular team add to its popularity. Now the latest LTS versio Read more
Redis Sentinel

An Introduction To Redis Sentinel, It’s Features and How does it Work!

INTRODUCTION TO REDIS Redis is an open-source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store – where data is not written to disk but kept in volatile RAM. It is also used as a database, cache and message broker. Features of Redis Fast: Redis is extremely fast as it stores the whole dataset in primary memory. Persistence: Based on the numb Read more


WHAT IS NETWORK FUNCTION VIRTUALIZATION (NFV)    NFV is a simplified approach to networking communication, where network components that earlier used dedicated hardware now run on a software to provide the same functionality. NFV has a wide range of advantages like reduced CapEx/OpEx, virtualization, orchestration, dynamic scaling, automati Read more
Implementing a Successful Business Process

How To Implement A Successful Business Process And Effectively Re-engineer It

Businesses are entering into a new era of technology. In every organization, a business begins with a mission objective and ends with the achievement of the business objective by providing the best output with great customer value. A common mistake many of the entrepreneurs do is that they "just don't have time" to work on the things that will make Read more
Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

Today, we face a future of accelerated technological progress with the tools available to us, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. With the tremendous innovations in industries, the tools used to reduce human dependencies are also being innovated beyond anything we ever presumed.  Today, fleets of vehicles are being monitore Read more
Effective Test Automation Framework

7 Essential steps To Design An Effective Test Automation Framework

What is a Framework? A framework is composed of a sequence of tools and applications that are intended to improve the test efficiency for QA professionals. The testing frameworks are a vital part of every successful automated testing process. They decrease maintenance expenses and testing trials and will implement a higher ROI for analysis teams l Read more
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