Palm BI

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Framework

Is the data deluge bogging down your business decision making? Palm BI collects, integrates and analyzes the plethora of data seamlessly to give basic insights into your organization’s business processes! The Business Intelligence framework helps organizations consolidate and summarize data while the Data Mining and Predictive Analytics framework helps build models to make classification decisions, predictions and forecasts based on historical and real time data.

Key Features

  • Data capture from data sources including sensors
  • Custom dashboards with snapshots of daily operation
  • Key Performance Indicators communicating business progress
  • Graphical OLAP/ Reporting with stunning displays
  • Forecasting through complex mathematical models
  • Big Data Analytics for real-time insights into business

Why Palm BI?

  • Easy integration with other solutions/sites/IoT data /Big data/Legacy data
  • Flexible deployment model
  • Real time and historical data analysis
  • Predictive analytics with machine learning