Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System

“A weapon worth having in your safety armour!”

Astra, which in Sanskrit means ‘weapon’, is truly a useful weapon! 24×7 E-live tracking of buses, alerts for parents on pick up and drop, over-speeding and wrong route alerts are some of the key features of Astra.The school bus GPS tracking system will enhance the safety of your school transport system and add value by better managing the fleet of vehicles, assets and staff, bringing in an effective student management system.

Astra - Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System

Key Features

  • Integrated fleet management solution with GPS/GPRS Technology
  • Android and iOS mobile app for parents
  • 24/7 live tracking of buses
  • SMS alerts for parents on school bus arrival at bus stops
  • Geo-fencing (virtual boundaries)


  • Overspeed alert
  • Route deviation alert
  • Maintenance alert
  • Insurance/Permit renewals alert
  • Un-authorized stoppage alert
  • RFID based validation of student attendance in buses


  • Trip management report
  • Overspeed violation report
  • RFID swipe report


  • Enhanced safety and security in student transportation
  • Better control on school logistics
  • Better time management for students, school authorities and parents
  • Efficient student, staff and fleet management
  • Maintenance and service alerts
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