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The global telecommunication industry is going through a breakneck digital transformation driven by multitude of dynamic factors such as consumer, digital, and industry trends. Hardware-based networks have given way to autonomous, software-based network functions such as SDN and NFV. Connectivity is getting redefined with the advent of 5G that promises higher speed, greater efficiency and less latency for IoT and M2M applications. The disruptive waves are spread across the communication industry, bringing with it widespread opportunities and unprecedented challenges.

The innovations and developments in the industry are forcing telecom equipment manufacturers and solution providers to shift from their traditional approach to an innovative model. The need of the hour is to deliver features and tools that offer delightful digital experiences at reduced costs.

Feeling lost in the technological upsurge? ThinkPalm can help! We can help you transform your business processes, change the way your networks are used, and enable you to adopt the new technologies with our futuristic communication solutions and services. Aided by a world-class testing lab equipped with Spirent and Ixia devices, R&D initiatives focused on exploring the tremendous opportunity in SDN and data analytics, and cutting-edge solutions including cellular routers, we have established a firm grasp on all facets of the evolving communication industry.

Our Offerings

Product Development

  1. ThinkPalm possesses long-term hands-on experience in developing end-to-end network solutions
  2. Vast product line encompassing all aspects of network development – embedded products, porting, board bring-up, firmware & protocol development
  3. Able to provide enhanced and customized solutions according to your requirements
  4. Offers NETCONF integration along with SNMP and CLI protocols
  5. A wide array of satisfied clientele from different walks of the industry

Product Sustenance

  1. ThinkPalm’s dedicated team of professionals strive to provide active support to products throughout the lifecycle
  2. Constant bug tracking and fixes, software audits, triaging
  3. Feature enhancements and Code Optimization
  4. Offers Product Re-engineering and enhancement under close interaction with your business and sales teams
  5. Full-scale maintenance responsibilities of products undertaken, providing you with the window to work on fresh innovations


  1. ThinkPalm offers Testing-as-a-Service with state-of-the-art testing infrastructure
  2. Performance and Load testing, Security testing, Conformance and Scalability testing, Interoperability testing, and User Acceptance testing
  3. Regular nightly builds testing to minimize downtimes and process time consumption
  4. Test Automation with a variety of language support including Python, TCL, Ruby, and Golang
  5. Dedicated ports to generate and share customer-accessible test results

Our expertise areas






Protocol Development


SD-WAN Optimization





The unique benefits

ThinkPalm is aware of the dynamic needs our clientele poses during this stage of digital transformation. With our highly professional team of experts and the world-class hardware infrastructure being the pillars of our success, we are dedicated to take you to the next level of communication business with all the resources at our disposal.

Partner up with ThinkPalm to enjoy these unique benefits along with a hearty experience of business fraternity and courteous cooperation:

  • Reduced lead times and accelerated time to market.
  • Reduced operational overhead.
  • Improved productivity with in-house developed frameworks and tools.
  • Reduced costs of testing by leveraging in-house testing infrastructure.
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