June 2020

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What Is Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) and How Does It Work On Data Warehouse

In the modern business world, efficient data analysis is critical to business growth. Loading data to a traditional data warehouse is a time-consuming process. The ELT (Extract, loading and transform) used in a modern data warehouse will help to manage and analyze big data so that businesses can focus on digging the data for future decisions. Read more
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The Technology Behind Translating Brain Scans To Speech

The modern day innovations combines state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge about how the brain produces speech to tackle an important challenge faced by many patients. Researchers have combined several advances in machine learning to interpret the patterns of activity in the brain to find out what someone wants to say even if they’re phy Read more
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Centralized Version Control With Apache Subversion And Its Benefits

“SVN” is a Centralized Version Control System, different from distributed Version Control like “GIT”. What Does Centralized Version Control mean: Centralized Version Control means that the version history is stored in the central server. When a developer wants to do change in a certain file, they pull the latest version of the file fr Read more
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Everything You Need To Know About RxJS in Angular With Examples

RxJS (Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a reactive programming library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences. RxJS is a library that enables us to work with observables in Angular applications. Observables represent zero or more values returned either immediately or in the future. RxJS enables yo Read more
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Everything You Need To Know About Angular Elements!

Angular is a Google’s Typescript based web application framework unlike the Angular’s JavaScript framework (Angular JS), which had its stable version running on 1.7. Angular’s latest version is currently at 8 (8.2.14). Since it‘s based on Typescript, rather than JavaScript it is mostly user-friendly for developers to handle the code. It Read more
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How Has The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Our Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain, especially the end-to-end one has faced an enormous disorderliness due to the Coronavirus. When we talk about supply chain disruption, we have to consider the daily basic products we use. Every product requires different components until it takes the final shape: the raw material, the manufacturing, packaging, transport Read more
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