November 2019

Intent Based Networking

Everything You Need To Know About Intent Based Networking (IBN)

Networks are at the heart of unstoppable evolution to the digital economy. Everything that we need is just one click away. With the advancement in the Internet of Things, the meaning of inter-connectivity takes a whole new level. How does Intent-based Networking (IBN) work? How we are always connected? Let us begin by emphasizing the fact tha Read more
Software-defined Networking

The Future Of SDN And How It Has Revolutionised The Networking Industry

Hardware was the principal element in the networking world until the rise of software-defined networking systems. The term software-defined networking (SDN) was invented to differentiate the concept from the hardware-based category. SDN is a category of technologies that divide the forwarding plane from the network control plane to facilitate m Read more
big query

Everything You Need to Know About BigQuery; Its Key Features And Use-cases

In today’s rapidly evolving, knowledge powered industries, “Time to Insights”, is an important metric. Massive amounts of computing power are essential for quickly processing the petabytes of BIG Data. Most of the organizations are in the business of generating data and extracting valuable insight from this BIG data, rather than giving impo Read more
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