March 2019

Conversational AI

Exploring the future of AI with Kirk Borne

Artificial Intelligence was embraced by businesses and industries alike in 2018 to enhance customer experience, improve business models and generate new innovations. PwC predicts the adoption to soar in 2019 with over 20%, out of the 1000 US organizations surveyed, planning to implement AI enterprise-wide this year. As AI empowers machines to grow Read more
SDN in Retail

Emergence of SDN in the Retail Industry

In the world of retail, the adoption of technology has never been more extensive. The inevitable need to deliver a customized and seamless experience to customers has led to the influx of varied technology services. In-store Wi-Fi, mobile checkout, video surveillance, electronic shelf tags – the list is ever-growing! Technology in retail is expec Read more

Being a ‘woman’ not a challenge anymore

The International Women's Day of 2019 won't pass as just another day of patronized recognition. Along with the regulation colors of the day and the talks emanating from hot debate tables, it also presents to the world a fresh slogan - a solidarity of like-minded liberals walking hand-in-hand to establish a balance in the world that was challeng Read more
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