January 2018

Mainframe-Based Network

Introduction to Mainframe Networking

A computer network or data network is a set of points interconnected by communication links for receiving as well as transmitting data. Based on the structure of a business, a network can be as simple as two personal computers connected locally on a network or as complex as internet. We employ various methods for sending and receiving data such as Read more
Room Persistence Library

A Beginner’s Guide to Room Persistence Library

It’s not a big task for an Android developer to convert raw data into structured database for internal storage. This is done using the most reliable language - SQL. The inbuilt SQLite core library within the Android OS will handle CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations required for a database. Java classes and interfaces for SQLite p Read more
Robotic Process Automation

Self-Learning Bots – An Overview…

In today’s world, we can see automation enabling users to accomplish a wide range of tasks everywhere, like checking luggage at the airport, ordering food, booking a hotel room etc. AI is being applied in various fields and is improving at a rapid pace due to programs that perform automated tasks on human’s behalf. Applications of AI currently Read more
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