October 2017

Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

In the year 2001, the Agile software development methodology changed the landscape of software development with the introduction of agile development. The agile movement centered on helping developers and small teams work smarter and more efficiently. Agile ultimately gave rise to new processes and technology breakthroughs aimed at streamlining an Read more
Document Management System

DocDrive Document Management Software

Are you reeling under the laborious paperwork in your organization – documenting data, filing them, storing them in lockers..? Quite time, space and resource-consuming right? Technology is forging ahead and now is the era of digitization. Make sure you are not left behind in the technology headway by bidding goodbye to the heap of papers mounted Read more
Virtual Reality

Is Virtual Reality the Technology of the Future?

Virtual reality is a computer generated environment in which humans can interact with the help of various devices. When we hear the term VR, what might run through our minds would be head mounted screens or gloves with sensors which help us interact in a VR environment. It would be hard to believe that VR has been around since the 1960s, taking va Read more
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