February 2016

Potter's Wheel - Shaping up Innovative Solutions

Shaping up Solutions like the Potter’s Wheel in Action…

It is easy to transform fine-grained natural clay into magnificent objects using a Potter's wheel. This simple machine helps to shape and decorate the wet clay into a beautiful pot. Not just the wheel, potter's mastermind and hand movements also have key roles here. In the initial stage, the wet clay might be in an undefinable shape. It's the pott Read more
Delivering Exceptional Solutions with the Power in our Palms

Delivering Exceptional Products and Services with the Power in Our Palms

"Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with habit."—Bertrand Russell, 1951 Aspired by all but enjoyed by the privileged – human race has pursued it relentlessly since time immemorial.  The innumerable wars fought through history, to conquer, rule and exercise power over commoners, stands testimonial of the fact. So wha Read more
ThinkPalm - Resilient, Adaptive and Soaring Collectively

ThinkPalm – Resilient, Adaptive and Soaring like a Dandelion!

It's an amazing flower that everyone is familiar about. You would have found it in the backyard in childhood, played with it and blown its seeds. There were beliefs then like the direction the seeds flew was the right course to pursue your luck. You were amazed to find it to so resilient in tough weather. Being a tap rooted biennial, it popped Read more
Ant Philosophy - ThinkPalm's Nature Driven Success Mantra

ThinkPalm’s Nature Driven Success Mantra…The Ant Philosophy

Over the years we have been following a simple but mighty notion - the ant philosophy. We thought, if we put it to practice, mighty goals migrate to smart goals. Let us look into the ant's philosophy, do they follow "Think Big, Act Small". Most of us do work in Agile Methodologies, Scrum Framework, and Modular Software Development Cycle. Have we t Read more
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