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OpenStack Networking

ThinkStack – ThinkPalm’s Private Cloud for MicroService Apps

In the traditional way of deploying an instance of an application in a VM or a shared machine, requires a lot of operational task, which involve setting up of runtime environments, installing dependent softwares, setting up databases etc. Scalability, Availability, Health Metrics are some of the important factors that we may need to address. This b Read more
Continuous Integration

DevOps in Communications Business Unit

Amidst project deadlines, status review meetings and proposal presentation preparations on a typical Monday morning, a new Email window popped up on my screen bearing the subject line “DevOps Initiative at ThinkPalm”. I was curious to find out more since DevOps was the latest buzzword in the business circles lately, but all I could grasp was th Read more
ThinkPalm's DevOps Offerings

Innovation in IT Product Life Cycle through DevOps

The success of IT businesses by enterprises depends on multiple factors related to the development and release processes of various products and services offered by them. The extensive use of tools to automate, monitor and optimize different phases enables businesses to achieve improved customer experience and satisfaction. This is where the DevOps Read more
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